:  a person who does not belong to a particular profession or who is not expert in some field

In Layman’s Terms is a literary journal dedicated to encouraging a new appreciation of science, technology, and the natural world for the average person. Even the most well-intentioned or educated individuals can find it difficult to dig through the language of an abstract unless it involves their specific field of study, so how do we make scientific studies and research seem less like the language of the elite? How do we take often inaccessible data and turn it into something more digestible and engaging for the average person?

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring helped the public understand and reject the destruction caused by widespread use of DDT. Sy Montgomery’s Birdology inspires wonder and curiosity in each chapter dedicated to highlighting unique qualities embodied by different species of birds. We hope to showcase pieces that catch the reader’s attention, but also inspire further exploration–pieces that can be followed up with research of the topics at hand.


Brit Barnhouse  Editor-in-chief
Brit Barnhouse is a writing studies student at the University of Washington Tacoma. Her work can be seen in The Wild Word, One Person’s Trashand Visitant. When not writing about the ever-blurred lines between animals and humans, she can be found giving her dogs belly rubs or tossing treats out to the neighborhood crows.

Beck Adelante  Associate Editor
Beck is a student pursuing a degree and postsecondary teaching career in literature at the University of Washington Tacoma. They are a Shakespeare nerd, a lover of editing and writing essays, and a consumer of scattered facts and tidbits. They like experimenting with poetry and performance. Their work can be seen in Tahoma West.