Inspirations: Invasive Species (Biodiversity)

As part of an ongoing effort to encourage further exploration of the topics raised in In Layman’s Terms, we will be updating posts with the inspirations for the pieces found within the issues. Check back frequently for more inspirations!

You can read “Earthworms” by James Dott, “Paperclip: A Story of Invasive Plants” by JM Miller, and “Invasive” by Cheyenne Marco in Volume 1: Biodiversity.

Invasive species are everywhere. By recognizing that we are in large part to blame for species moving into areas they would not normally belong, we can begin the steps to fix, or at least minimize the problem.

Why should we care about invasive species?

Take a look at a page we published earlier regarding the effect of invasive species on the environment: Why Should We Care About Invasive Species?

There is quite a bit of controversy when it comes to best practices to manage or eliminate invasive species. Radiolab features two podcasts in particular that are worth a listen: Stranger in Paradise (the story of the native-not-so-native raccoons of Guadaloupe) and To The Brink (the story of invasive goats in the Galapagos).

One of the most common invasive species that people may not even think of as invasive are domesticated cats, however, sport fish introduced to lakes can also have lasting damage on an ecosystem.

Do you have more to add? Insights into how these discoveries or people have influenced the world and people that inhabit it? We’d love to hear your comments below!

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