3 thoughts on “Submissions Wanted!

  1. Would the appearance of the star to The Magi (and their reaction to it) be considered an example of an “innovation found in the natural world, or by humans”, according to the Editors? –It’s an honest question.


    1. Hey Thomas, can you elaborate on your question? I’m not entirely certain what you’re asking, but I probably haven’t had enough coffee today. The theme is open to interpretation, but in general, it should call back to the goals and purpose of the journal as a whole. Does it inspire curiosity and exploration of the topic? Are there more technical articles, studies, or theories about the topic that readers could look into if they wanted to learn more?


      1. Sure. The appearance of fires or balls of fire in the universe and nature can have life-changing human reactions, as in the case of Kepler’s nova stella or the famous “Star of Bethlehem. The abundant use of natural and celestial phenomena as omens and signs in literature is testimony to a commonly held belief that these phenomena may have life-changing, history-making, time-binding cultural influences/effects. So, if a group of men (four Hoosiers) should come upon such a rare ball of fire on a country backroad in the dark of night, would the story of how this event affected their lives be an appropriate narrative poem to submit to “In Layman’s Terms”? Sort of like what the personal stories of The Magi might be. Hey, don’t give it another thought & thanks for the reply.


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